Thursday, September 2, 2010

Linsey Dawn Mckenzie Smoking

The silence of the timid.

It is impossible to bring together the different ways of expressing their ideas in a single universal way (thankfully) ... but maybe this universality could be used to make edible (not digest) to the other concepts, even diametrically opposed.

In a forum, then, where other forms of communication are closed (a look, a smile, the same tone of voice, etc. ..), a different approach to "life" expressed in 4, 5 or 127 lines determines the distance between two patrons.

Maybe it is because the slow and continuous decline of ideological paradigms ... which tends to reduce the practice of disputes "intellectuals" to a talk-show, such as those programs where politicians are confronted with "ex-tronista" or "ex-showgirls" (unaware) spreading the seed of "crap" spraying ether tasteless fruit harvested and consumed by bambacioni apathetic and lame.

The result of all this is that we have lost the desire to listen, I notice in every corner, dark or blinding divine light of this society, we remain entrenched behind their dream of truth and defends himself to the sound of "do not understand" or a ruling "that's enough", only to come out to overpower the other with their elitist snobbery or arrogance of those enterprising dialectical filters are unnecessary.
so happens that, prefers silence, unable to oppose anything to the noise of brawling or the snobbery of the elite.

not talk to me rant, close doors, hurt, misunderstanding sending messages ... in short, tend to annihilate each other or rubbish, you can discuss with tone-less exasperated exasperating, quietly prepare themselves to comparison.

usually behind the "noise" of words there is a need to be heard, of course, the world is full of deaf people often seem obvious and "raise" the voice, but in crops as a communication that I try not to transcend and avoid to raise it even when it is known that the deafness, willy-nilly, declared (in fact this is also a snob behavior).

In short, they made me believe that Pinocchio was a rebel just because he wanted to learn about the world around them, that the cicada has a long life if they anticipate to develop a work program associated with the savings as its neighbor ant, which the wolf is an animal bad black man will take you away ... what else could it be but a shy quiet.


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